Why Minimalist Website Design

Web design is an important component in effective marketing and lead-generation strategy. Today’s competitive websites are designed for all devices, crisp content blocks designed to fascinate visitors—and convert visitors into customers.

Minimalist Design is the top trend powering web design for 2015?

Minimalist Design: Clean, minimalist designs eliminate the risk of disarranging up a website and present an ideal design method for clearly and purposefully presenting design and content elements in a concise, clear fashion. Simple splashes of colour can add creative elements to a clean minimalist design—one that expresses a business or brand in a conceptually stark, yet appealing, manner. Minimalist designs make great use of simplicity and outstanding, creative play with composition and even whitespace.

Advantages of Minimalist Web Design

1.  Faster Load Time

Website Loading times directly affect your bottom line. Minimalist websites have less items on the website and so are automatically geared to load faster.

If the site is slow to load, you just missed a business opportunity. A digital consulting firm recently reported that 40 percent of Internet users will abandon a page if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Minimalist website loads Fast: Minimalist web design is that such websites are sleeker, simpler, and load much more quickly than their overloaded counterparts. Thus, you are more likely to keep and retain more visitors–which is good for your bottom line.

2.  Quick and Easy Maintenance

Websites do require a bit of maintenance on occasion. Evidently, more elements included in a website mean more maintenance. By the same mean, fewer elements means less and easier maintenance.

The beauty of minimalistic websites is that they are a breeze to maintain. This is doubly good for the webmaster because it means less time doing maintenance and more time attracting traffic.

3.  Easy Navigation

Easy navigation is the visible feature of minimalist web design. If the website is not cluttered with links and other add-ins, then it is much easier for new and returning users to find their way around your site.

The navigation bar should be in a foreseeable place and not contain any amazements or superfluous links. You want navigation to be as easy as possible so that people will stay longer and be motivated to return.

4.  Content Remains the Central Focus

Website is live for the purpose of being engaging with the visitors and meeting the desired conversion. This is possible with the content of the website.

Minimalist web design gets rid of all the distractions so that the user can focus purely on the content provided by your website.

5.  Classy and Professional

Web sites designed with minimalism in mind can be a great way to appear as the professional company or individual that you are.

User experience is the visitor’s interpretation of how pleasing their experience is with your website.  This is seen as the most important aspect of Digital marketing.

6.  No pop-ups.

If you want to bombard visitors with pop-ups then they will leave sooner.

A minimalist web design gets rid of distracting pop-ups or anything that resembles it!

7.  Consistency across Displays

A simple, straight-forward design means your website will be quick to access and formatted consistently across all display types.

Whether people are arriving at your website from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer, the user experience is greatly enhanced by consistency. Consistency makes the browsing experience easier for the user and increases brand recognition.

Whether you are just getting started with web design or are thinking about revamping your established site, consider trying the minimalist web design approach.

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