Website Redesigning

Redesign your old non-performing Website to outperform

Although your business has a website even though you might not have getting the benefit which you
want to get, this is because of your poor website design and layout.Digital Creative will helps you to redesign the website site which not only looks good but also makes your visitor to stay long on your site to explore the information.
When you are planning for redesigning you business website don`t forget to avoid the mistakes which you have previously done.
Digital Creatives is a premium website redesigning company which takes the entire responsibility of redesigning your site with the fullest care. We are the professional Web Designing and development company who take care of website designing, site redesigning and UI enhancement.


We look into following aspects for redesigning a website

Digital Creatives follows the below strategy for redesigning a website

  • Having an appealing homepage
  • First impression of your website makes your visitor to stay or to so it’s very important to make your home-page one of the best features of your website.
  • Although it should be visually attractive, as well including the different options to other pages on your website, A good home-page not only encourage users to discover other pages of your website, which in return keeps your site bounce rate low, which is one of the important aspect of SEO ranking.
  • Efficient & User-friendly design
  • We design websites which make user to feel easier and help visitor to navigate the site without any struggle. To encourage your visitors to stay on your website for longer time, making it user-friendly.Make it easy to navigate and provide simple instructions and a natural flow from page to page.

Responsive Design – One Design fits all.

Now a day’s people browse the internet from the various types of devices such as mobile,desktop/laptop and tablet so, it is much required to be the website compatible to all such devices Our developers only create a framework for multiple devices. That makes your design virtually future-proof as handheld tablets and smart-phones becoming popular, Not only Google and your mobile device users love it.

Make your website look good

As you desire your website to be functional and easy-to-use, it should also be beautiful and attractive.Our expert UI designers help in deciding the best design, theme and color combination which perfectly suits you business and brand by keeping in all the best practices of designing a website.

Be useful

Usually, people come to websites to search what they are looking for and this is ignored all the efforts of building a great website will go waste. So, information on your site is important. Visitors will begin to avoid your website if it doesn’t contain the necessary information that they are looking for.


Headlines are important for two main reasons. Firstly, a person’s eye is instinctively drawn to them, as they are larger and more prominent than a thick slab of text. So it’s necessary to have interesting and relevant headlines that initially attract a user’s attention.

CRO Website design

Conversion Rate Optimization is latest in online industry. As every business has a website but the benefit is felt when it gives real benefits as by giving more sales, it is done when the visitors leaves their data for contacting. This can be achieved when call to actions cleverly placed.

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