Powerful Ad Extensions in PPC Ads

Ad extensions create more reasons to click your ad

Ad copy is one of the most important components of a pay-per-click advertising campaign.Ad extensions are a type of ad format that show extra information (“extending” from your text ads) about your business.

Improved visibility: Ad extensions incline to improve your ad’s visibility. They often appear above the search results, rather than along the sidebar. If two competing ads have the same bid and quality, the ad with greater expected impact from extensions will generally appear in a higher ad position than the other.

Better return on investment: Extensions can help improve the click through rate (CTR) of your ads. More clicks means more customer traffic.

 Pay per Click Advertisers are always looks for boost the overall click thru rates within their campaigns. Higher click thru rates means more traffic which directly leads to more conversions.

Not only do higher click thru rates lead to more successful actions, but they also help to improve overall quality scores, leading to more cost-efficient traffic and lower CPCs.

So to improve CTRs within your account one should already have a creative ad copy testing cycle in place to consistently be testing new messaging in your account. Besides that, taking advantage of all the various ad extensions available in Google AdWords to give the better user experience.


Sitelinks Extensions

sitelink ext

Sitelinks extensions are normally the most commonly used ad extension within PPC. They’re positioned out to provide additional landing page options within the ad copy for potential consumers.

Call Extensions

call extention on desktop

Call extensions are an exceptional option for any PPC campaign that relies heavily on conversions through phone leads. Any product that has urgency from a consumer perspective would be a great fit for application.

Callout Extensions

callout ext

Callout extensions is another opportunity to help boost overall CTR and include added messaging in your ad copy. This type of extension is typically used for quick shout out messages to potential consumers.

Location Extensions

location EXt

For brick & mortar businesses, location extensions are an ideal option for your PPC account. The location extension includes a business address, phone number and a map. On mobile, this will include a link with directions to your business. This feature will help potential consumers to quickly find your business and the easiest possible way to get there as soon as possible.


Google AdWords provides opportunities to enhance the Ad copy, if strategically implemented there will be clear difference in the end result.

Depending on the goals of your particular campaign, Ad extensions are a great idea to make a difference.

Finding new ways to boost click-thru rates within campaigns always a never-ending task for PPC advertisers. While many factors play into this objective, expanding upon your ad copy with ad extensions is an excellent way to not only improve the overall experience for potential customers, but also to increase CTR, lower CPCs, and boost quality scores within the account. Ultimately improving these metrics leads to improvement in overall account performance.