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We are Digital Creatives- Performance driven lead generation company in Hyderabad. We specialized in various lead generation activities online. We devise the perfect lead generation plan for your real estate ventures. 

Marketing of real estate properties these days became very challenging and competitive task. This is the time to Go Digital. Real estate companies have to shift their focus from print to digital it`s because Digital Marketing offers the scientific way of promotion.
The biggest challenge for the real estate companies is that in this highly competitive digital space,the companies are looking forward to boost their digital  presence and generating leads. In order to enable the real estate companies to establish a digital identity and leverage upon it, they need foolproof innovative digital marketing strategies with lead generation as primary goal. 

Website should be user-friendly & mobile responsive

There are a couple of things to be kept in mind while designing a website and implementing digital marketing strategies for real estate companies. First and foremost, it is the website that needs attention. The purpose of the website could vary from capturing leads to brand-building. A website must be user-friendly and must ensure “call-to-action”. Great content always helps in increasing visibility on the digital media.

Show your Ads on Google.

Google’s main three options for advertising are keywords ( terms that people type in to search), banner ads (you see them either on the top or left of search results and on other sites on web) & Re-marketing, basically, when you visit a site – DreamInfra for example – and you visit some properties there, every site you go to afterward is going to show you a DreamInfra ad. That’s retargeting: someone’s paying to track your behavior and hopefully continually show that advertisement to get you to remember who they are.

Creative usage of social media to build brand & generate leads

On social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn.  what matters is how creative your contents or posts are. The frequency is not an issue as long as your posts are able to garner enough audience engagement. Real estate companies need to project their unique strengths in the most creative manner possible on the digital space.

Print media v/s Digital media: Digital gives a better ROI

Traditionally, the real estate companies invest highly in print ads, but the returns they get on their investments, is comparatively lower when compared to the Google ads. Our research in the space throws up a couple of interesting facts. The research results clearly show that on investing the same amount of money in digital marketing and the print media, the real estate companies are able to realize results which are at approximately 2.5 times better

Digital Creatives helps real-estate companies in Hyderabad to promote their property on Google first page, other websites and on Facebook and other social media network. Call us for customized Digital Marketing strategy.

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